Victoria Park/Pakapakanthi  Criterium Track

Victoria Park is the home of South Australian Criterium Racing. When it's not being used by motor-racing it provides a safe off-road environment for riders of all abilities to learn the joys of racing and riding in a closed and safe environment.

There are several combinations of circuits which are used, with three main straights. These are the Pit Straight, Centre Straight and the Grandstand Straight. Most of the time we'll set up registration in front of the grandstand (and the three cafes which occupy area!), but for rounds where we aren't using the grandstand, look at for the CSA tent close to the western entrance of Wakefield St.

There is plenty of parking on Wakefield Street and off of Fullarton Road.

Riding at Victoria Park at other times:

You can often use the circuit if there isn't another event or booking on. Adelaide City Council have some rules that need to be adhered to, to ensure that it's a safe experience for everyone!

• Always use the track in a clockwise direction;
• Cyclists are required to wear an approved bicycle helmet;
• Lights must be used before sunrise or after sunset;
• Keep to the left if travelling slowly, avoid sudden braking or changing direction;
• Unauthorised motor vehicles, remote control equipment are not permitted on the track;
• All dogs must be on lead and under control within 50m of the Criterium Track during any organised sports activity.