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All participants need to be Cycling Australia members. Unfortunately, BMX or MTBA licences aren't sufficient to participate in CSASS. We don't like this either but it's all about insurance! Not a member? Find out how it all works on the membership tab.
The CSASS program is currently designed to cater for 8 – 16-year-olds
Yes! Even if your school doesn't formally attend the series you are more than welcome to take part. You'll still collect points for your school.
  • Australian standards-approved open-face Helmet;
  • Water Bottle;
  • Sun protection – sunscreen and a hat;
  • Warm Clothing (if required);
  • Snacks.
Yes, we have a wide range of sized bikes available for riders to borrow for a session. Our bikes cater for riders approximately between 125cm and 190cm in height.
Yep! You are welcome to start on whichever bike you feel most comfortable with. Otherwise, you are welcome to use one of our loan bikes.
Each round of the series is delivered by accredited Cycling South Australia coaches and officials. Check out the coaches TAB to work out who you need to look out for!
In the event of hot or wet weather, parents will be notified the day before the session if the session is to be cancelled. Cycling SA aim to run the program if at all possible. If a session does need to be cancelled, a make-up session will aim to be run later in the term.
  1. Check the outer shell for damage or cracks;
  2. Check the inner shell for damage or cracks;
  3. Check the inner shell for AUS/NZ standards sticker (AS/NZS 2063);
  4. Check straps and fasteners for fraying and tears, check for broken buckles and fasten tightly under the chin;
  5. Check the fit is correct by fitting 2 fingers above the bridge of the nose, straps should be tight and free of twists, side straps for a ‘V’ shape with point just under ear lobe and the helmet should not move with hand is on top.
There is no set uniform for the CSASS sessions. Kids can wear cycling kit if they have it. There is no need to dress like Chloe Hosking or Steele von Hoff. The main thing is that you're comfortable, so sports clothing and runners are just as acceptable as lycra and cycling shoes! Do be mindful of the following:
  • Long baggy clothing can get stuck in the chain – ensure clothing is not loose fitting;
  • Closed in shoes – no thongs, sandals or similar shoes;
  • Sleeved clothing – provide better protection.
No, you will receive a unique membership code.